Cubic Zirconia vs Expensive Diamonds | Whats Better And Whats The Difference?

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Cubic zirconia and expensive diamonds are one of those things that are so similar yet so different at the exact same time. when people ironically have some specific ideas about either diamonds or cubic zirconia, and usually hold them pretty close to home, so maybe we can help you out get some background info on the two.



This is probably the most obvious difference, diamonds of quality cost money, lots of money. In fact diamonds average cost to be thousands of dollars. But there is a whole wide variety of diamonds, depending on cut ,quality and size a diamond can be easily as expensive as 1 million dollars or as cheap as $500.  Majority of the diamonds that are being sold are sold to people who simply want to have a. flashy piece of jewelry on their person but cant afford the fanciest of pieces. Cubic zirconia is just a little different, the most expensive piece of jewelry in the cubic zirconia industry is probably about $500 (its rare to find a piece that cost more than $500 but it is possible if you get something very custom)


Cubic zirconia and diamonds look identical assuming that you have 2 stones of the same cut, weight, etc. So whats the difference between how they look: under a microscope the only visible difference is the black spots, other than that cubic zirconium crystals and diamonds are literally identical!


Why diamonds are NOT an investments

People purchase diamonds thinking that it would be an investment. by definition an investment is something that produces a income for you, having a diamond wont be something that  produces income for you. But let's just entertain that thought we had for just a minute, lets say you buy a raw diamond for 1000 and after 10 years it goes up in value by 100 dollars (only 1 in 50 diamonds actually appreciate). So now its worth 1100 dollars. The immediate problem you run into is where are you going to sell that diamond and who is going to buy it for its appreciated price? If you take the diamond to a jeweler. NEWS FLASH that jeweler wont buy that piece of jewelry from you at the appreciated price. Jewelers have to be able to make a profit, so they are going to buy your diamond at a price thats less than what its actually to make the point very clear:

1.Diamonds rarely appreciate, only about 1 for every 50 diamonds appreciate 

2.Even if your diamond appreciates in value nobody will buy it for its actual value.

3.Diamonds aren't investments.


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