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Some people are going around on the internet saying diamonds are investments, here is the reasons why that a false statement!


You can't resell appreciated diamonds for their appreciate price.

This is like one of the worst thing that diamond buyers go through. In 2010 lets say "jack" buys a diamond for $10,000 the person sold it to him told him that on average diamonds appreciate 5% a year , which by the way is complete horse shit!!! but lets say "jack" buys this diamond any ways, lets say he waits a total of 10 years. Now all of sudden he goes to sell the diamond and he finds out nobody will buy it for the appreciated price. Now lets think for a minute why that is? the first thing is that nobody is going to just buy a raw diamond, its worthless, it needs to be polished and set! But lets say for a minute that its a jeweler who wants to buy that diamond, well that jeweler has actual incentive to buy it right? Yes and no, they will buy that diamond but they definitely wont buy it at the price that you are asking for. They need to sell that diamond so they arent going to buy it off you for the price that you want .


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