Miami Cuban Link Bust Down (Gold & Silver Options)


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  • Available in 14K Gold or 925 Sterling Silver
  • All Cubans have a Royalty Box Clasp
  • This item will last FOREVER! No tarnish or rust- wont ever make your neck green!
  • This Miami Cuban chain shines like nothing else! When you walk in a room with this chain on you mean business! You don't have to say anything people just see it on you and there is definitely as presence there. 



are plated with a real product material. For example if the product you are ordering are gold, this product is 14K Gold plated which means we layer the product with a real 14k gold layer on the jewelry that has a inner core of either 925 Sterling silver or stainless steel. This Plated material: ie 14K gold will never tarnish or break down!


All Orders are packaged safely with a royalty suede jewelry bag, insulated jewelry box, and regular shipping boxes with some form of protection: bubble wrap, newspaper, etc.